From which three aspects does the servo electric screw press improve corporate benefits

Author: haloong     Time: 2021-05-17 17:07:34

From the perspective of refractory companies, the equipment is of good quality and strong performance. Because good quality equipment has along use time, fewer maintenance times, and strong performance, the product has high precision and high success rate. The servo electric screw press is the best in refractory forming equipment, how does the servo electric screw press get the favor of enterprises?

1. Simulate the manual strike process to improve the success rate of products and reduce the production cost of enterprises

Servo motor can realize the single stroke of high and low speed free transition, can simulate the artificial strike process, in the strike forming first light pressure to discharge the excess gas in the product, and then re-hit to increase the density of the product, reduce the elastic after-effect increase the success rate of the product, reduce the production cost of enterprises.

electric screw press saving, saving 55% electricity for the enterprise

Servo electric screw press is servo-driven, servo motor response speed is fast, can accurately control the energy, servo electric screw press at the start of the current is small, there is no idling problem in operation, for the enterprise to save 55% electricity.

3.Environmental protection, low noise, reducing environmental governance costs

refractory  press machine

The servo electric screw press is composed of a column, a beam, a screw nut, a bearing, a servo motor, a flat wheel, a sliding block, and a table. The structure is simple, which effectively reduces noise and reduces the cost of corporate environmental governance.

Servo electric screw press has high precision, low noise and low energy consumption, which greatly reduces the cost of enterprises.Moreover, the servo-electric screw press adopts digital control and has a high degree of automation, which provides a strong driving force for the development of the enterprise, and also lays the foundation for the realization of fully automated production for the enterprise.

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