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    Forging technology of flange fork of transmission shaft

    The flange fork of the transmission shaft is an important part of the automobile. It is the main part connecting the transmission and the drive axle and also the part bearing the complicated shape of high-speed transmission. Its structure a

  • 12

    The forging gear tells us the difference between the casting

    The forging gear is usually made by heating the steel to the austenite state, and then using the press machine to press the mold, the external forging pressure to make its shape parts. Casting defects such as segregation, shrinkage cavity a

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    Discussion on advantages of servo cnc electric screw press

    Servo press has many advantages in performance. It has been recognized in metal forming industry and refractory products industry and has been accepted by more and more enterprises. With high quality, low price, simple, reliable and a serie

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    How to avoid crack phenomenon?

    The forming of refractory brick is using external force and model to compress the brick material so that the material in the mold becomes a body with a certain size, shape, density and strength. It is an important process in the preparation

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    The statement of servo press machine in China

    The development of modern manufacturing technology requires the press machine not only to high speed, high precision, large load operation, and should have greater flexibility, can quickly and easily change the output movement law.

  • 23

    Design of Working Ability of Servo Press

    The servo press is a new generation of environmentally friendly presses driven by heavy duty servo motors.

  • 09

    Evolution process of electric screw press machine(I)

    Screw press is one of the oldest forming equipment, has a very long history of development. A long time ago, there was a wooden screw press in Europe to suppress grape juice and olive oil.

  • 05

    re-manufacturing in press machine industry

    By the China Press Machinery Industry Association, "China Press Machinery Remanufacturing Industry Development Roadmap" seminar and press mechanical re-manufacturing industry alliance preparatory meeting held in Beijing,

  • 02

    Renovation of Manual Friction Press

    Zhengzhou Haloong mechanical research and development of friction press transformation technology using permanent magnet synchronous servo motor drive, is the first in the field of press transformation of the national patent certificate of t

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