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    Quality of Fully Automatic Brick Machine Depend on Details

    Pay attention to details is the most basic thing what make sure of the good premium of auto brick equipment .Engineer has the responsibility for not only performance design then perfect product but also rational design then fool-operation ,

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    flywheel and motor in NC presss machine

    Presses would be produced as crank presses, screw presses ,hydraulic a word,this kind of machinery is Short-term impact load,only a litter time is effect during a whole working cycle. CNC press equip with flywheel,which speed up

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    Extra care for your electric press machine in winter

    Grease play important role in power press machine , The temperature dropswhile winter,but the oil temperature cant change be too high or low,Normal oil temperature does not fall below 10 and above 38 degrees.heating and cooling is necessary

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    Advantages of Haloong electric screw press machine

    The servomotor CNC press machine produced by Haloong is the only one who can be called CNC electric screw press in China, that is because of its features of easy operation, extremely high humanization, and the electric part and control syst

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    Why haloong machinery insist on E-saving servo presses?

    As you know,Chinese is a huge country with 13 millions people,well,the source provided whether water,foods,briquette,medicines or power is amazing.specially as for the power,which is also called as blood of cities.then come to todays topicW

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    application value of CNC press machine determines the price

    It is believed that many people have heard of electric screw press machine , while only a few people actually understand it. In peoples impression, CNC press machine is just a kind of machine for pressing refractory bricks and forging, but

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    Green device make contribution to air environment

    During the bad smog,Chinese government has given orders tostop productionspecial in manufacturing industry.then the price of raw material rise overnight.just like the song:hebei stopped,beijing stopped,shangdong stopped,henan stopped,shan

  • 20

    Noise pollution in friction press

    Noise pollution trouble every one when friction press working,mainly come from processing system which composed of motion mechanism and express device.well,Zhengzhou Haloong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.make wonderful solution to terrib

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    How to adjust the shut height of electric screw press?

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