• servo press machine

    servo press machine

    Zhengzhou Haloong Machinery Manufacturing Co., a china manufacturer for servo press machine,fire brick molding machine since 1980.we provide press machine supplier price.
  • button operated punch press

    button operated punch press

    this video show you a fully automatic with button operation,cnc control press machine,application :metal forging,auto parts forging,hardware forging.
  • energy saving press machine

    energy saving press machine

    automatic machine will realize labor saving and energy saving.then this video show you a fully automatic,button operation refractory press machine,which also called as electric press machine,screw press machine,servo press machine,static pre
  • 3D mixer machine video

    3D mixer machine video

    this vertical rotor of mixer video show you a high speed and high efficiency rotor,which from haloong machinery.that's why the mixer could be applied to refractory industry and building industry.
  • screw forging press machine

    screw forging press machine

    this metal forging machine video show you fully automatic forging machien,servo control hot forging machine,china forging machine supplier price.
  • refractory press machine

    refractory press machine

    this refractory press video show you high speed,servo-control,enery saving screw press machine,which can apply to refractory ball molding,fired bricks making.
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