• Automatic weighing and feeding machine customer’s site

    Automatic weighing and feeding machine customer’s site

    According to the setting parameters, it can realizes automatic weighing, automatic feeding.Automatic weighing and feeding machine can reduces the labor, reduces the labor intensity of the worker, more weighs accurately, and ensures the cons
  • static type brick pressing

    static type brick pressing

    Can you imagine the meaning of an automatic press on a mother? It frees my mother from the heavy work, only need to gently press, the machine will automatically work, high effort and power saving.
  • servo press machine

    servo press machine

    Zhengzhou Haloong Machinery Manufacturing Co., a china manufacturer for servo press machine,fire brick molding machine since 1980.we provide press machine supplier price.
  • button operated punch press

    button operated punch press

    this video show you a fully automatic with button operation,cnc control press machine,application :metal forging,auto parts forging,hardware forging.
  • energy saving press machine

    energy saving press machine

    automatic machine will realize labor saving and energy saving.then this video show you a fully automatic,button operation refractory press machine,which also called as electric press machine,screw press machine,servo press machine,static pre
  • 3D mixer machine video

    3D mixer machine video

    this vertical rotor of mixer video show you a high speed and high efficiency rotor,which from haloong machinery.that's why the mixer could be applied to refractory industry and building industry.
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