• blow testing for 30 ton press machine

    blow testing for 30 ton press machine

    this video show you blow testing for 30 ton press machine,it's high speed,high-low transform flexible,we are china manufactuer for press machine
  • quick speed refractory presses

    quick speed refractory presses

    this video show you fire brick press machine working is high speed,high efficiency,only two workers needed,it also power saving over 65%,this refractory press machinery also called as electric screw presses,servo presses,static press
  • fire brick press machine

    fire brick press machine

    this fire brick press machine is fully automatic and power saving,only need one operated,could be applied to hig aluminum bricks,sic brick,clay bricks.
  • automatic screw press machine

    automatic screw press machine

    Zhengzhou Haloong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. have specilized in Servo Press machine, electric screw press machine,firebrick press,refractory brick press machine,forging press machine,CNC press,friction press reform for 37years.
  • CNC power press machine

    CNC power press machine

    as you see in the video,our 315 CNC grade electric power press machine is high speed and fully automatic.this press machine could be apply to fire bricks and refractory
  • high speed forging presses machine

    high speed forging presses machine

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