Full-auto Refractory Brick Line
Fully Automatic Refractory Brick Production Line

Based on the accumulation of experience and technology for many years, according to the process of producing refractory bricks, Haloong develops and manufactures the fully automatic refractory brick production liine.

This production line can automatically finish the whole process of electric material weighing, automatic material distributing, automatic brick forming and picking. Achieved the unmanned production of refractory bricks. 

Flow chart&features:

Features of full automatic production line:
1. Unmanned production of refractory bricks. 

2. Reduces the layber intensity of worker and reduces the pollution for environment.

3. Fast, efficient and accurate material feeding reduces the interference by people for material weighing and pouring.

4. Provides seamless docking solution for modern intelligent industrial plant, reduces the production cost. 

Automatic material weighing and feeding system:

This automatic material weighing and feeding system is able to form the daily reports for various types of bricks' unit weight, daily output, monthly output, and annual output. Thus, it can provide the big data analysis with detail basic data for enterprise. 

Technical data:
Capacity scope: 3-30kg
Weighing time: 5-18 seconds measures one time(set freely according to technology)
Weighing accuracy: ±30g/10kg(Error control within the standard of refractory material. )

Robot for brick picking and stacking:

Technical data:


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