Inclined Pan Type Mixer

HLQZ-1000 Inclined Type Intensive Mixing system


This intensive mixing system is composed by 3 parts, for which the parameters can set freely according to different material's mixing requriements.

1. Rotatable material disc: delivers the mixture to the mixing device area.                             

2. Eccentric type stirring divice: the speed and rotating direction of  stirring rotator can set freely according to different mixing technology.                                                                          

3. Equipped with scrapers on the bottom and wall of material disk, which can both help mixing and avoid material caking.


1. Particular transmission structure, stable running, durable, high mixing uniformity, good mixing effect, high mixing efficiency, obvious energy saving effect.                                                  

2. Few quick wear-parts, small size, short maintenance time.                                                

3. All kinds of materials can be processed quickly, high efficient and precisely.                                                                                                                  

4. Has precisely weighing and control system. 
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