double roller crusher machine
Product introduce:
Double roller crusher are typically used for medium,high hardness of the material,such as metallurgy,building,refractory material and other industrial using.The series of roller crusher mainly composed of roller, roller bearing, compression and adjustment devices and drive devices and other components.Adjust the particle size of the material:Between the two rollers are provided with wedge or gasket adjustment device, the top of the wedge device is equipped with adjustment bolts, when the adjustment bolt to pull up the wedge, the wedge will move the roller from the fixed wheel.
Working principle:
The crusher crush the material into the two rollers through the feed port,then extruding and crushing, and finally the material falls naturally.In case of excessive or non-crushing material, the rollers of the roller crusher could be retracted  automatically by the action of the hydraulic cylinder or spring, so that the roller gap increases, too hard or non-broken objects fall, so as to protect the machine from damaged.which the two Opposite rotation rollers have a certain gap, change the gap, you can control the maximum discharge size of the product. Double-roll crusher is working by a pair of opposite rotation of the round roller, while four-roll crusher is working by two pairs of rotating round roller.
The roller crusher is suitable for coarse and medium crushing of brittle bulk materials in cement, chemical industry, electric power, mining, metallurgy, building materials, refractory materials, coal mine and so on. Particle size adjustable, the compressive strength of ≤ 160MPa material can be broken. In particular, the coal industry, the use of the machine broken coal, as long as the addition of iron, impurity, without removing the gangue, can be directly broken, broken out of the material, uniform size, low crushing rate, thus simplifying the coal preparation process, The investment and production costs.

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