Energy saving electric screw press
     What  in the picture we show you is HLDS-630T CNC servo press and HLDS-400T CNC  servo press.they are semi-closed,servo cnc control,automatic lubricating system,multiple security grantee and one button operation,electric power is the mainly power source. Especially the screw were protect by a spring case to extend the lifespan of screw and machine.And we adopt servo motor then saving energy more than 65%,button operation to saving labor then just jone worker to finish the bricks work.Then they can also called as screw press,servo press,brick press,electric press,energy saving press machine,firebrick forming machine,refractory brick making press,fire brick making press.

fire brick press machine

refractory brick cutting machine for sale

  It is able to produce concrete bricks,high alumina bricks,high alumina corundum bricks,magnesia bricks,SiC bricks,acid resistance bricks, acid proof bricks, special shapped bricks, carbon bricks, carbon graphite bricks, magnesite carbon bricks, alumina carbon bricks, silicon carbide bricks, diatomite bricks, moler bricks, zircon corundum bricks, alkali resistant bricks, cyanite bricks, magnesite calcium carbon bricks, magnesia alumina bricks, magnesite chromite bricks, monolithic refractory bricks, refractory nozzle, zircon mollite bricks, chemically bonded magnesite chrome bricks, magnesite spinel bricks, mullite bricks, multi purpose refractories, superduty bricks, high duty bricks and etc
high alumina bricks, corundum bricks,special shapped bricks,

Features of HLDS series CNC servo  press:
Servo motor drive system:
Touch screen parameter setting system
Full automatic lubrication system
Multiple safety protection system
One button operating system
Parameter Table of Electric Screw Firebrick Press Machine
1600t nominal pressure 16000KN 400B nominal pressure 4000KN
  max pressure 32000KN   max pressure 8000KN
  slide stroke 860mm   slide stroke 750mm
  stroke number 20 times   stroke number 28 times
  worktable size 1700*1460mm   worktable size 1200*1050mm
  motor for 272kw   motor for 50kw
  double motor    single motor 
  weight for 118T   weight for 26T
1200t nominal pressure 12000KN 800T nominal pressure 8000KN
  max pressure 24000KN   max pressure 16000KN
  slide stroke 760mm   slide stroke 760mm
  stroke number 22 times   stroke number 24 times
  worktable size 1320*1140mm   worktable size 1300*1050mm
  168kw   motor for 100kw
  double motors   double motors
  weight 80T   weight for 56.8T
1000t nominal pressure 10000KN 630t nominal pressure 6300KN
  max pressure 20000KN   max pressure 12000KN
  slide stroke 760mm   slide stroke 780mm
  stroke number 22 times    stroke number 26 times
  worktable size 1300*1120mm    worktable size 1250*1050mm
  motor for 78kw*2    motor for 78kw 84kw
  double motors    double motors
  weight for 73.8T    weight for 52T


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