Analysis of Main Differences between Servo Press and Hydraul

Author: Zhengzhou Haloong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Time: 2017-05-19 10:49

   Servo press is a new type of press that is completely different from traditional mechanical press in the 1990s. It is a combination of information technology and automatic control and traditional mechanical technology to realize the digital control of stamping equipment The The current international major production plant is Germany's Schuler Japan's Komatsu), the domestic forging equipment factory Zhengzhou Hualong Machinery Manufacturing Co. also began to squeeze into this area.
   The earliest appearance of the servo press is driven by the servo motor precision ball screw, to implement high precision of stamping operations. Later, people found that if the use of low-torque high-speed servo motor precision ball screw system, in the heavy stamping load long-term work, will soon appear serious wear problems, embarrassing task. Now people tend to use high-torque low-speed servo motor, with the traditional toggle, eccentric or crankshaft combined drive system. Zhengzhou Hualong Machinery R & D team through continuous improvement and innovation, has successfully solved this crisis.

Analysis of Main Differences between Servo Press and Hydraulic Press
   Compared with the traditional hydraulic machine, the advantages of servo press is to improve productivity; improve product accuracy; reduce noise and vibration; extend the life of presses and molds; and energy saving and environmental protection and so on. 
   The main difference between the emerging servo press and the hydraulic press is mainly in the following areas:
Driving mode: Servo press is driven by the pressure from the high precision ball screw assembly operation. the servo motor high-precision ball screw pressure assembly operations, the pressure directly from the servo motor torque output and into; and ordinary hydraulic machine is driven by the motor pump, through the valve to change the direction And then by the hydraulic cylinder to perform the pressure operation, the pressure through the tubing and the valve body, there is a certain loss.
Energy saving and environmental protection: Servo press is used in the servo motor, In the standby state, the motor is not transferred, and in the process of pressing, the speed is changing, the power is also changing. The ordinary hydraulic machine motor has been turning in the standby process, need to consume a certain amount of electricity, at work is also constant speed rotation, power consumption will be higher than that. Compared with servo motor ,Ordinary motor noise is much larger.
Precise control: servo press in a certain range can be arbitrarily set multi-speed, accurate displacement stop, accurate stop in place, accurate arrival pressure and so on. And ordinary hydraulic press can not have a high precision control because of the bad effect from the pipeline and the valve body and cylinder block sealing and many are achieved with mechanical limit, to close to the accuracy of electronic press control, equipment costs Will be much higher than the electronic press and the control is more complex.
   The emergence of servo press has broken the traditional forging process, and its stable and efficient production method must be a direction for the development of the press industry. Hualong Machinery hopes to contribute to the activation of the industry by creating the latest technology development of pulse forming.

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